Other Events

Depending on interest, we are looking to organize a sunset cruise to the falls (prepare to get wet!) for Friday night and again, contingent on feedback, a leisurely Sunday wine-tour might also be in the planning.

There are three major airports within about an hour’s drive: Toronto and Hamilton, as well as Buffalo on the US side. We will be looking into the cost of the shuttle buses that run between any of these three airports and Niagara Falls, as well as a train from Toronto. There is parking available at the venue we are entertaining at a daily charge.

As plans develop and numbers become clearer we will try to bring you detailed information regarding all of the above.

Author Interest is now open

We’re delighted to announce that we have opened up the form for authors to express an interest in signing at the event. We’ve already had a massive response, and will be operating a waitlist. ¬†We’re looking to have an international line up, and across the romance genres to make this an exciting and fun filled day for our attendees.

If you have an author you’d particularly like to see sign at the event please do direct them to our expression of author interest form.